Are You Currently In Facebook Jail?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with more than two billion users nowadays. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. In 2003, he wrote a website called Facemash. The idea of the website was to compare two student photos and decide which one is better looking. It was a “hot or not” type of site for fellow students. To do that, Zuckerberg stole ID images from Harvard University by hacking their security system. Facemash was closed a few days later, and all charges against Zuckerberg were dropped. It is how the idea of Facebook eventually came out. In the beginning, Facebook name was TheFacebook. Then, Sean Parker bought facebook.com domain for $200,000 and in 2006 anyone with a valid email address and at the age of 13 could join the network.

Why is Facebook good for business?

Facebook is the fastest growing social media platform among all. It requires no money to set up business Facebook page. It allows to build your brand online and enhances your SEO strategy. One of the best features of Facebook is that it allows for targeted marketing. You can promote your ads to the specific audience which makes it better for you to reach people who may potentially be interested in your products. Thanks to Facebook Insights you may see how many people are engaging with your site and which of your posts are the most popular. You may also run your customer support via Facebook. Social media are a great way to communicate with your customers.

What are Facebook requirements?

Facebook is a social media platform that does not allow fake accounts. Their policy is very clear about it. If you are an artist or an entrepreneur and you want to promote your business on Facebook, you need a personal account first. Your business page is linked to your personal account, but it is not visible to other people if you do not want that. You can set privacy security settings for your profile according to your preferences. Facebook has some requirements, and if you do not obey them, you may be temporarily banned or completely disabled from the platform. First of all, you should not spam on your account. By spamming, I mean sending a large number of promotional messages to people. You also cannot send too many friend requests at once. Remember to complete your account by posting a photo of yours, real date of birth and other relevant information about your background or education. It is up to you to how much information you want to reveal.

Did your Facebook account get banned?

There are many reasons why your account is disabled. If you violated any of their rules, they probably sent you a warning. If you still decided to carry on with the unwanted activity, you may be suspended now. Is there a chance to recover your profile? Yes and no. It depends on what you did. In most cases, you can make an appeal where you send them a valid document that allows the identity check. It may be your ID card, driving license, or a school certificate. Many people disagree with that and get angry that Facebook should not ask them for personal data. The thing is that most of this information is already in the system anyway. You do not necessarily need to send them ID for verification purposes. Some other alternative documents can still be accepted by Facebook such as library card, diploma, school ID card, or address proof card. You are free to cover up any information you do not wish to reveal. Recently Facebook got very sensitive when it comes to security procedures. It was not like this in the past. If you log in via different devices at the same time and sometimes from a different location, you may be locked out from your account. It may be temporary, or you may never get back access to your account.

How can you recover your Facebook profile?

There are a couple of ways how you can recover your account. They may not necessarily work for everyone, though. Many people when they are automatically locked out, they try to log in over and over again. It may make the whole process worse. As difficult as it may sound, you may want to resist from accessing your account for the next 96 hours. It can get back to normal by itself. There are some stories of the people who when got asked for their face showing photo upload from Facebook did not do that but provided a random picture from Google search instead. All of a sudden, it worked, and they got access to their account. It may actually prove that there is a temporary block that gets deactivated once a particular action is performed or a specific time passed. Did you know that once even Guy Kawasaki had his account blocked because he appeared to be too enthusiastic in his evangelism? It may happen to everyone. Also, there is a direct phone number to Facebook, but you cannot get any help from that. The number is (001) 650-543-4800. You may instead try to email them at disabled@facebook.com or appeals@facebook.com and describe the situation. Sending more than one email does not speed up the whole process. The only thing you can do is to wait in a queue for their response.

How long will you wait for a reply from Facebook Support Team?

As much as I would like to provide one, there is no direct answer to this question. If you do your research, you will find out many UK customer service numbers, but none of them works. I have even come across articles where people claimed to have a chat with one of Facebook representatives. How is it possible if there is no chat option available in their help center? Interesting. There are some situations where people got back access to their accounts while others never recovered their profile.


Facebook is a number one social media platform that has plenty of advantages. Many business owners, artists, YouTubers, and others use Facebook for self-promotion. It is good that service of this kind exists and that people can unite and share opinions and ideas with mutual respect. There is, however, this other side that I find surprising. Many accounts have been blocked for no apparent reason or by mistake, and people never got them back despite making many requests. If someone violates the rules, it obviously makes sense to ban them, but they should be informed about it. Shouldn’t they? What is your personal experience with Facebook? Do you find it useful for promoting your brand? Did you get banned from Facebook in the past? If so, did you recover your account?

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