Why is your e-mail marketing strategy not working the way you want?

You have gathered many e-mail addresses. You manage your list regularly, but still without a success. Your newsletters are nicely designed, but there is still something that is not working well. There are either too many bounces, too many unsubscribes, or your emails simply hit a spam folder.

I have done some research and here are some important facts on why your email marketing strategy is not as successful as it should.

Where to look for mistakes?

1. List of Your Subscribers 

How did you create your list? Have you collected these e-mails manually or rather electronically through your website or a blog? That can be a huge difference. One of the most important things in every successful newsletter campaign is a clear and well organized list. The list that consists of e-mail addresses of real people who actually want to receive a message from you. Some companies are adding e-mails to their lists, simply without asking for a permission from a potential customer. This is not a good way of collecting e-mails and can only lead to anger and frustration. In consequence, your unsubscribe rate grows. The best way of collecting e-mails is through a website or a blog. Create a sign-up form. Give people something for free. It can be an informative e-book, free monthly access to your premium content or a physical gift. It is a simple exchange. Their e-mail for a gift. Once they sign up for your list, make them stay by creating a good and interesting content.

2. Segmentation of Your List

Segmentation is very important to your list. It helps you not only to keep your list organized, but it also enables you to send the right message to the right person. There are four of segmentation variables. These are demographic, psychographic, behavioral and geographic. You can divide your list on the basis of age, lifestyle choices, population density, gender, weather and many other. It depends on your specific product, content or a marketing strategy. It is good to know your customers. It will help you to prepare the best possible offers for them. If the only information you have are name and e-mail address, then make a survey. You can use websites such as , , or some other. Feel free to make your own research and choose the best option for your needs.

3. Spammy Words & Brand Promotion

There is a huge list of spammy words that should not be used in any newsletter. There are some words that can determine whether your newsletter goes to spam mailbox or not. Some of these words are free, amazing, great, fantastic, winner, winning or dear. Also, be careful when using word combinations such as fantastic deal, lowest price, order now, buy now, promise you, dear customer or amazing promotion. Please keep in mind that the best newsletters usually include 70% or 80% of educational stuff and only 20% or 30% of offers and promotions. Create great newsletters that are full of information and make sure that these information is of the highest quality possible. It applies to every offer or a promotion you are recommending. Make sure that your products are worth buying. The most important thing is to gain people’s trust. Once you have it, do not let them down! Keep up a good work and you will notice a growth in your list of subscribers.

4. Your Brand Introduction

This one is crucial. The “From” is as important as the “To”. Make sure your subscribers know who you are. Let people know your name, your brand, official nickname or products that you sell. It helps your subscribers know who they are hearing from and reassures them that you are not a cheater or a hacker that wants to steal their personal data. Do not send people plain texts. Include some photos or videos in your newsletters. Make them well readable and attractive. You may also add some advice, an upcoming event or a quick fact about something interesting. Send your newsletters on a regular basis. If you promised to do that once a week, then work hard and achieve that goal. Always try to prepare something in advance. It will help you to double check your work before sending.

These are some of my suggestions on how to run a successful marketing campaign and build a genuine audience through your newsletters. If you know some other tips that can be useful in a successful e-mail marketing strategy, then share with me, please!

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