How Can You Improve Your Content Marketing?

They say that content is king in today’s marketing and it is not wrong. In the past years, people have changed their perception of how they search for products. They used to call a company of their interest and ask about the services directly, but not anymore. Nowadays, people look for a company that they can trust. They look for valuable information, and they expect the company to provide a solution to their problem. It is why your content should be of good quality. People look for tips nowadays. They want you to help them, not sell stuff. Here are a few tips on how you can make your content better.

Create valuable content

There is no doubt that information is what makes the content valuable. However, your content should be well-written as well. If your writing style is poor, it makes it harder for others to read. Writing good and educational articles takes time, and it is a skill. As with every skill, it needs to be developed. It requires practice to get better. Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation matter. Some apps can improve your writing style. They will pick up all the spelling mistakes and simple grammar errors so that you can correct them. These apps will not teach you grammar and the language structure, though. You already need to have decent writing skills and a good understanding of a language. It is always a good idea to invest in a grammar book, especially if you are not a native English speaker – like me.┬áLet me introduce you to a few writing apps that I find extremely useful.

Invest in good writing apps

If you have written an article and need to proofread it now, you can check out some online resources like Grammarly or Hemingway App. You can use Grammarly as a Google Chrome extension or download it as a desktop or a mobile app. Grammarly will point out basic grammar mistakes you made, all incorrect spelling and it will check your work for plagiarism. The difference between a free and a paid version is that the latter one will give you synonyms suggestions and will offer free plagiarism checker. Another app worth mentioning is Hemingway app. This app is a bit different from Grammarly. It does not necessarily show exact grammar errors you made, but it will check your text for readability. It will underline all sentences that are difficult to read, have a passive voice and include sophisticated vocabulary. Hemingway app uses different colours to underline what you did wrong so that you know where to introduce changes.

Check for plagiarism

Always check your work for plagiarism. If you find something on the Internet and you put it into your article, you should remember to cite the source. If you use someone else’s work, you need to reference it. It will point out readers to the original copy so that they can gain more information on the topic if they want to. If you research a particular topic, make your points. Go and check more than one resource. It will give you a better understanding of a subject and will let you create your own opinion on it. Finally, you may use a plagiarism checker. There are plenty of free plagiarism checking tools on the Internet. Some of the tools worth recommending are Grammarly and Copyscape again. Evernote may help you to save some of the sources that you find on the Internet for later. This app is perfect for note taking, organizing and archiving.

How to structure your text?

Besides valuable information and proper grammar skills, there are a few other things that you should be aware of. If you create a longer piece of work, make sure you divide it into paragraphs. It makes it easy for people to skip through your text and focus on what interests them the most if they do not have the time to read all at once. Shorter sentences are better on average too. They make the whole text easier to read again. Use active instead of passive voice if possible. Passive voice is wordy, and it often emphasizes the subject instead of an object. Among other things, make sure your content is original. Creating a unique piece of work helps in SEO because Google does not like duplicates. It searches for fresh and valuable information. Ideally, your article should give people answers. If you tested something yourself, you could recommend it to someone else. Ultimately, you know if it worked for you or not and if someone has a similar problem, they can find it useful too.


Writing a good quality content takes time. You need to put in the effort to do the research, analyze what you have learned and finally put all your ideas into paper. Next, these ideas should be easy to read and grammatically correct. Your content should be original and well-structured. Ideally, you should include some keywords in both your content and subheadings. Once you are done with your copy, check it for plagiarism. Take a break and come back to it in a few hours. Revise it again. If all is okay, you are ready to publish it. Once the article is live, you can market it on your social media profiles. As mentioned above, writing is a skill, and it takes time to improve. The only way to get better is practice. Let me know what apps you find useful? How do you practice your writing skills? Maybe you have a specific routine that you follow and are willing to share. I am happy to hear your opinion.

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