Learn How To Code – HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP Explained

Coding and programming languages are set of functions that produce various outputs. Someone had to write a code first for you to enjoy the application you use or a website you browse. There are many different programming languages out there, and each one can be used for a certain aim. A website or an app is a specific set of instructions that computer displays.

Are you planning to learn how to code? It is always hard to decide which language you should choose. The answer often depends on what is it that you want to create. If you plan to build apps, then go for Java or Python. If you are passionate about website development, learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Next, familiarise yourself with Bootstrap and design fundamentals. Ideally, you may want to join GitHub and share your work with others. GitHub is a platform for developers where you can host, review code, and manage projects with other people.

How does a code get executed?

Did you know that Ada Lovelace, an English mathematician, and writer was the first person who wrote instructions for a computer program in the mid-1800? Here is how a programming language gets executed. First of all, you need to remember that computer understands only two types of data. These are on and off switches, so-called transistors. Binary code is the combination of eight digits. These digits are 0 and 1 only. Each digit represents one transistor. What does that mean for you? All the colorful things that you see on the screen with images and videos included are nothing more for a computer than a collection of some transistors turned on, and some others turned off. When a programmer writes code (PHP, Python, Java or other), it gets translated into assembly language. Next, assembly language translates it into machine code so that the latter gets executed as binary code. It is how the whole communication takes place. Why do not programmers code directly in the machine code? Well, it is not that easy. Machine code is difficult to read and understand.

What is HTML?

HTML is an abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language. The language is simple to learn, and it allows for website creation. It serves for writing the structure of a website. It is not a styling language. You write HTML in a code editor, and you save it as html file. You always use tags to display images, text, videos, tables and other things on your website. When you open your html file through a browser, you should be able to see the site you created. Make sure the code you write is correct so that everything displays as it should. The best place to learn how to code is W3C School, the leading website for learning web technologies.

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is used for styling purposes, as the name suggests. CSS styles the structure of HTML. In other words, it positions elements on the website. It dictates font type, text size, and colors. It can introduce special effects such as changing color when you hover over a specific element. CSS can also define how the site looks like when viewed in other media such as a phone or a tablet. It is thanks to media queries. CSS is very powerful, and every designer needs to understand it. It is responsible for all the visual effects appearing on the website. CSS can be a bit more difficult to master, but it is still easier than JavaScript.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is not Java. These are two different languages. JavaScript is a scripting language that operates mainly in a web browser. Whenever you see animated graphics on a website, interactive maps or other 2D/3D elements, you may be sure that JavaScript code has been applied there. JavaScript was meant to be a compliment to Java when first invented, but it became the third pillar of web development. JavaScript is usually written in a separate file that is integrated into HTML code. If you want to write JavaScript, you can write it in a text editor like Notepad for Windows. It will work! Learn how to code on your own. Check Codecademy JavaScript course or browse through the selection of various JavaScript courses on the Course Duck website.

What is PHP?

PHP is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a programming and scripting language that can be embedded into HTML. WordPress is written in PHP language. It is well-suited for web development. PHP gets executed on the server. It is not a client-side language like JavaScript. PHP is relatively easy to learn for a newbie, but it also offers many advanced features for professional programmers. It is one of the most popular languages nowadays. What does PHP do? It allows for creating username and password login pages, surveys, picture galleries, forums and more.


If you plan to become a web developer, think of preparing a good portfolio. Learn how to code. Practice your skills and share your work with others. There are plenty of sources where you can learn how to code. You may check Udemy or Code School. Learning how to code is just half of the success. You also need to develop some design sense or at least acquire the latest web design standards. Next, you will need to understand how CMS systems work such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other. If you feel like you have enough skills, build up your portfolio online.

Here are some examples of excellent portfolios:

Adam Dannaway

Robby Leonardi

Prashant Sani

Before you start a career in web development, make sure that you are passionate about it. It is the field that requires constant learning. It is because the world of the Internet is continuously evolving and new features are being introduced regularly. Also, to become proficient, you should join like-minded communities so that you can share your work with others and work on common projects. It is how you extend your knowledge and skills and develop contacts that are essential in this industry.

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